How do I Find Out the Value of An Art Piece?


The best way to find out the value of an art piece is to find a local art dealer who deals in appraisals. He or she should be a member of the International Society of Appraisers. A member of this group will have had the training and experience to give you an accurate appraisal. You should tell the appraiser any history or records you have of the piece. This is called the provenance. You can find more information here:
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How to Find Out the Value of an Art Piece
If you think an old vase or painting up in the attic might be valuable, search for the value the old fashioned way or the 21st century way. An art piece’s value changes over the course of time, depending upon what is in vogue with collectors... More »
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Finding the value of an art piece needs historical knowledge and familiarity with art pieces (like the medium used). It also requires sensitive eyes. Better research and learn from an expert.
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1. Research the piece in books or online. Visit your library. Librarians offer immediate help for free. If you know the artist's name, enter it in an online search engine for an assortment
Antique prints are over 100 years old and sell for low amounts of $$ unless they are hand signed by the artist. An old reproduction is still low end. Unless your art falls into a
Take it to an Art Evaluator. Check with your local Bank, they'll guide you.
It is impossible to determine the value of a piece of art in this online format. Many factors determine the value of art. The best option is to have the piece appraised. Similar works
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Value in art is determined by numerous factors including the name of the artist. The age, size, and quality of the piece are also taken into consideration when ...
1. Read books on Asian art to learn more about the pieces in your collection. "Harvard Outline and Reading Lists for Oriental Art" is a good place to ...
The material value of art may vary wildly. Art may be materially worthless or nearly priceless. The value of any art piece depends on many factors, including the ...
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