How do I Force Bulbs?


The easiest way to force a bulb is by taking a waterproof bowl, fill it with decorative stones. Put the bulbs into the stones so that they stand. Now fill the water to the base of the bulbs without actually touching them. Watch your bulbs grow.
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How to Force Bulbs
If you feel the winter doldrums in February and March, and you ache for the color and beauty of spring weeks before its arrival, one way to get some of that life and color of spring a bit early is to force bulbs.... More »
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1. Place the narcissus bulbs in your refrigerator's vegetable drawer immediately after purchasing the bulbs. Store them there for four weeks. 2. Spread gravel in a clear glass bowl.
If you like to force bulb plants to bloom indoors, Marie Iannotti reminds us that there's still time to do so, noting that, in fact, amaryllis and paperwhites "don't require
Forcing paperwhite narcissus to bloom couldn't be easier. After planting, they will bloom in four to six weeks. Paperwhites are fun to watch and grow so fast you can almost see them
F1=normal force. F2=gravitational force on the bulb. net force=F1+F2. but f1 and f2 are same in magnitude but differ in direction.newton 3rd law of motion) If we add both f1 and f2,
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To force bulbs you need to plant the bulbs in planters or pots. You normally do this in mid winter. Keep the bulbs in a warm place. The bulbs will begin to grow ...
Always remember when forcing bulbs that this process weakens the bulb and you shouldn't do it with the same bulbs again anytime soon. After placing the bulbs ...
If you live in a climate that doesn't get cold enough for tulips and irises, you can force the bulbs by putting them into the refrigerator. Make sure the bulbs ...
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