How Do I Format My Hard Drive?


When formatting your PC?s hard drive, remember to back up all your files because once the computer?s hard drive is formatted, all data will be erased. Then Go to your system?s BIOS and set to boot up the system with the CD-Rom Drive. In the BIOS menu, go to the advance BIOS feature then make the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM boot first and the second boot is the hard drive. Press the F10 key to save the configuration that has been configured and press Y to exit. Then insert the operating system?s cd into the CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive before starting the system. Follow the instructions on windows installation program. Format the hard drive thru computer management program. Click the start key, go to settings and click the control panel icon that you will see on the screen. From the control panel menu, look for computer program management. Click on disk management and select what hard drive needs reformatting. Make a right click on the selected hard drive and choose format. Format the hard drive thru floppy disk. The floppy disk that will be used should be bootable and be able to boot in MSDOS mode. After the boot up process, the computer will be in DOS mode. Type the syntax 'format c' or depending on what letter that hard drive is located and needs reformatting.
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Nearly every desktop computer and server in use today contains one or more hard-disk drives. Every mainframe and supercomputer is normally connected to hundreds of them... More »
The following website will show you how to erase your hard drive.
Formatting a hard drive prepares the disk surface to store data after acccepting. Basic steps include: Backup all of the data on your hard drive, Erase all of the data on your disk, format the hard drive by either ( reinstalling Windows when you format your hard drive or not reinstalling Windows when you format your hard drive.)
The best way to format your hard drive if you do not have the disks that came with your computer is to do it from the DOS prompt when you boot up your computer. You will first need to make a start-up disk so your computer to boot.
A hard drive can be formatted directly from a running windows OS, but it would give you lots of error if some programs deleted. It is recommended to install a new OS of windows if you decided to format your hard drive. Reinstalling an OS will also format all the files and other program including bugs and viruses that your hard drive has.
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Open up 'My Computer', right click on the drive you want to format. Select 'Format'. Remember to copy all that important stuff somewhere safe before formatting.
1. Make sure all of your important data is backed up. When you format your hard drive, all of your data will be erased. 2. Click "Start" and go to "Run. When the Run
1 Back up your data . If you want to save any of the data on the disk, back it up by copying it to a CD or another hard drive. Formatting will destroy ALL of the data on the disk.
Your computer's operating system has a reset button, and the hard drives on your computer are no different, possessing similar equipment. The "reset button" on your hard
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A hard drive can be formatted using a computer or lets say directly from your computer. But make sure not to format the hard drive that carries the system or program ...
To format your hard drive for Windows XP, make sure your computer is compatible for the program. You would need to backup all the files you want to retain. Place ...
To format your hard drive in Windows XP, you first have to back up all your data from the hard drive to some other source. Once this is complete, insert a bootable ...
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