How to Sketch Eyes & Eyelashes.?


1. Use a pencil to sketch the general outline of the eyes on a piece of paper. Sketching involves using lots of smaller lines combined rather than a simple, single line. The eyes should have the length of another eye in between them, with the inside
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can any one answer !! thats in my exam people !! ANSWER ME
(ī'lăsh') n. Any of the short hairs fringing the edge of the eyelid. A row of the hairs fringing the eyelid.
1 Try flooding the eyelash out with water. Cup your hands and catch some cold water into them and then pour into your eye. The eyelash should be washed out. Ad
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In order to get eyelash glue off of your eyes, you can purchase an eyelash glue remover from drugstores and apply it to your eyelashes with a cotton ball. You ...
We have eye lashes to protect our eyes from particles in the air that may cause harm or infection. They also keep foreign water and moisture from getting into ...
Eyelashes' function is to protect our eyes from the entry of dust, signal us of the onset or severity of certain illness, enable us to communicate effectively ...
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