How to Install a Bow Peep Sight.?


1. Insert the pointed end of the string separator between the intertwined string fibers just above the draw point. 2. Twist the string separator 90 degrees left or right. Doing so will pull the string fibers apart. Place the notch in the opposite of
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How to Install a Peep Sight on a Compound Bow
Rifles and pistols commonly feature rear and front sights that are lined up to assure an accurate shot. Compound bows require a similar dual-sight system. The front sight is usually attached to the bow and features adjustable pins, and the rear sight... More »
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To sight in a compound bow, start at 10 yards. Move the ten yard pin up or down, left or right until every arrow is dead center. Then move on to each pin and repeat the process.
Unstring the bow carefully pry the string apart count the strands then place the peep in so you have half the strands on each side then put it bk on the bow draw it to check for position
just by a press.and besides.once you place in the peep sight, your gonna have to re-range the bow anyways.other then that.id take it to a hunting store (bass pro) and ask them to
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You just got your bow and now you need to install you peep sight. The first thing you need to do is to install it using the side grooves. If done right you will ...
Being able to tie a peep sight on a bow is quite simple! First, make sure the peep is in the right positioning. Next, place your bow in the bow holder, and use ...
The sighting of a compound bow is very important because it allows hunters to see their targets clearly. This can make it easier to target prey and hit them. To ...
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