How Do I Know If I Am Suffering from Depression?


You can know if you are suffering from depression if you are always feeling miserable and sad. You may have also lost interest in life and experience sleeping problems and lack of energy. Seek professional advice from a doctor.
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How Do I Know if I am Suffering From Depression?
According to a PBS report, about 15 million American adults are affected by major depression in any given year. That's about 8 percent of the population.Of these people suffering from depression, about 80 percent are not receiving any form of treatment.... More »
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There are many symptoms of depression. A common cluster of symptoms is connected to difficulty or inability to manage your usual daily routine. You may feel a lack of motivation,
Millions of teens suffer from depression every day. There are many people out there willing to help if they would just let someone know how they feel.
Almost as many new fathers as mothers suffer from post partum depression (PPD), according to a study first reported in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers looking at 5,000 two-parent
1. Talk to the person you think is depressed. Ask him/her what is going on in their life, how they have been feeling, and if anything is wrong. It is likely that they just need someone
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From personal experience, if you know that a person is suffering from depression, it is ideal that you be very supportive and willing to discuss the issues that ...
If you find yourself crying all of the time and you don't know why you are so sad you could be suffering from depression. If you have thoughts of harming yourself ...
In the UK, about 10% of adults and 4% of children aged 5-16 suffer from depression. Depression, also known as clinical depression or depressive illness, is a ...
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