How Do I Know If My Cat Is in Labour?


To know whether your cat is in labour, its mammary glands increase the last week of gestation, two weeks to birth, she will start producing milk, her temperature drops to 37.2 °C a day or two before birth. She will seek out a secluded area or become affectionate if bonded to one carer, she will be restless and pacing, make frequent trips to the nest and licking her genitalia frequently.
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Cats usually go into labour around the 64th day of their pregnancy, looking for a safe, warm and quiet place in which to give birth. Cats start pacing about, appearing nervous or particularly excitable just before giving birth or when in labour.
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she will start pacing and looking for a corner in a closet or basement away from people and out of sight to have her kittens. make sure you have a box with a blanket ready for her
All you need to do is to give her a good large cardboard box with shredded newspaper in the bottom. She will know what to do herself. When a kittten is born she will eat the placenta
hi when my cat had her first litter, she was meowing and going behind presses, sofas jumping into places trying to find a nesting place to have them. she was 2 young tho so she lost
She will probably have a 'show' which will be a watery pink discharge and contractions will start anything up to 24 hours later. You will see her sides squeezing when contractions
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