What is Greenhouse?


A greenhouse is a structure designed to increase the amount of UV exposure to plants without exposing them to the temperatures outside, which could lead to killing the plant off.
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I Want to Build My Own Greenhouse
Extend your growing season by starting seeds and nurturing seedlings in a do-it-yourself miniature greenhouse you can make in an afternoon. Recycle a small bookshelf to hold the trays of seedlings or starter seeds and plastic sheeting to capture the heat... More »
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A hot house is an artificially heated greenhouse for exotic plants that requires higher temperatures than the outside air or to grow crops in the off-season in cold areas. A greenhouse
You've heard all about it, but what is the greenhouse effect? The greenhouse effect is the process where heat generated by light is trapped in a transparent container. Just as the
1. Get a building permit before starting any work on a permanent greenhouse. Miniature and indoor greenhouses do not require permits, but outdoor greenhouses that are anchored to
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You can build a lightweight, portable, inexpensive greenhouse. You can use sawn or undressed lumber. You need to pick a spot that will get winter sunlight. ...
1. Buy a flower pot that is small enough to fit inside a 2-liter bottle. 2. Pour potting soil into the pot and plant your seeds. Write the name of the plant you ...
A greenhouse is a glass structure where plants are grown. What makes a greenhouse special is the fact that temperature and humidity are controlled to promote ...
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