How Do I Make a Homemade Hearing Device?


Disassemble a computer microphone. Cut delicately around the end of the microphone head and take off the plastic until the condenser is seen. Attach 1/8-inch plug into a voice digital recorder. Turn the recorder on and set it to voice activates and change the volume up. Place the recorder in a dark flower vase. Hold the microphone outside the vase. Place bouquet of plastic flowers in the vase. Attach the microphone below one of the flowers, using clear cellophane tape. Arrange the flowers so the microphone is hidden from view.
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How to Make a Homemade Hearing Device
Just like many superheroes, people thrive to enhance their hearing sense. This want is often due to the desire to eavesdrop on certain conversations. This can be done by using a listening device such as a microphone and various other media. Although you... More »
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1. Create a bowl. Uncap the nozzle of the plastic bottle. Measure a piece of tin foil to twice the size of the nozzle. Fold the foil around the edges and seal it over the nozzle.
Materials 1. Laser pointer 2. Old pair of headphones 3.
A screwdriver will work for making holes in the ground to plant seeds.
Listening to loud music can lead to permanent hearing loss. You can protect your hearing if you: Stay below the volume’s halfway point. Choose headphones that go over the ear
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1. Break apart a multimedia computer microphone to retrieve the small microphone hidden inside. 2. Use an X-ACTO knife to cut around the edge of the microphone ...
To improve listening and hearing devices, choose earbuds and earphones that fit your ears. Loop systems work with T-coil hearing aids, which can be helpful. ...
Although listening and hearing both use sounds that we hear with our ears, there are differences. Hearing is something that just happens, whenever there is some ...
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