How do I make iGoogle my homepage?


To make igoogle your homepage, simply go to your computer and use the link providedas you can do it in less than 30 seconds.
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How to Make iGoogle Your Homepage
iGoogle is a customizable home page created and organized by Google. It makes use of your Google account to provide a custom page that uses the Google search bar and a mix of different themes, styles and gadgets, which are essentially miniature... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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1. Visit Google.com. When the top menu bar appears, click "iGoogle" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 2. Sign into your Google account using the link on the
When you are on iGoogle, near the top of the page above your apps it says: "Show this page every time I start to browse the web. Make iGoogle my homepage" Click on that
just clear off all ur cache memory and temporary internet files.
if you use internet explorer go to tools internet options and then type the homepage address and click apply and ok if you using firefox same method.tools --> options same way
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