How Do I Meet My Guardian Angel?


To meet your guardian angel, you can meditate. The best setting for this is a place you consider peaceful and safe. It is important to be thankful, polite and respectful to your guardian angel when you meet them.
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How to Meet Your Guardian Angel
Meeting your Guardian Angel is a magnificent experience; an experience that will take you to a higher level of spiritual awareness. When you meet your Guardian Angel you will feel the love and light that only an angel can give. You will know in your... More »
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1. Find a quiet spot in your home, an area where you will not be disturbed, and an area where you are comfortable and where you can clear your mind. Relax; clear your mind of all
The term guardian angel can mean something different to each person. My take on it is someone that has cared for you that has passed on. This person keeps a watchful eye on you and
Your guardian angel can be anyone, it could be a deceased family member or a friend. It could also be someone that you have noticed helping you a lot. Or anyone you want think it
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You can meet your guardian angel through meditation. To try this meditation, you have to be familiar with the chakras and assure they are cleared and balanced. ...
The Guardian Angels is a international volunteer organization that is non-profit and is unarmed citizen crime patrollers. The Guardian Angels was founded on February ...
A guardian angel is said to be a holy spirit or entity that watches over and protects someone. Guardian angels are based on the Christian religion. ...
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