Painting New Plaster?


If you intend to put an oil based paint on the surface, such as eggshell or gloss, then the surface can be sealed using a solution of PVA adhesive. Read on, on the following link; http://www.diydoctor.org.uk/projects/paintnewplaster.htm to find out instructions on how to paint over plaster
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How to Paint New Plaster
Painting some surfaces doesn't require priming or other extensive prep work. Fresh plaster surfaces, however, almost always need proper conditioning before painting. Prepping and priming new plaster is time-consuming, but a professional-looking finish is... More »
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To paint new plaster, the surface should be sealed using a solution of a PVA adhesive especially if you plan on putting oil based paint on the surface. Some companies produce their own plaster sealer which you can purchase. When the surface is sealed and dry, you can now start painting. Do not paint over wet sealer. If it is water based paint, then mix some of the emulsion paint with water at the ratio of 1:4 and then paint it on the plaster to act as a sealer.
To paint new plaster, start by sealing its surface by mixing emulsion paint and water. This should be done using 4 parts of paint and 1 part of water. The sealer should be applied to the plastered wall using a paint brush or a roller. After this is done and the wall is dry, you can then apply a coat or two of normal emulsion paint.
When a wall or ceiling has been plastered, it is advisable to wait for it to dry thoroughly first before attempting to paint it. The link provided offers some useful hints on how to go about painting newly plastered walls: http://www.diydoctor.org.uk/projects/paintnewplaster.htm
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