How to Read a Gas Meter?


Curious how to read a gas meter? If you know how your utility company takes gas meter readings, you can double-check your gas bill and make sure you're paying only what you owe. Learn how to read clock-style dial meters. Most gas meters use
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How to Read a Gas Meter
A good way to monitor gas usage is by reading the gas meter and comparing it to the previous reading. If you know how to read the meter, you can check on the accuracy of an unusually high bill. It isn't difficult if you follow the simple steps.... More »
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1. Secure your last gas bill so that when you read the meter, you'll have a point of comparison. 2. Take a pencil and paper to record the numbers that you see. 3. Start reading the
Reading an electric meter is very simple. When you look at the meter you'll see five dials. Each dial represents one digit in the number. If it is between the numbers on the dial,
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Gas meters are read very similar to electric meters. Each gas company has different types of meters. They have from four to six dials. The numbers displayed on ...
Two types of meter in common use in household are credit meters and prepayment meters. Use only the white figures to read a digital type meter. For a gas meter ...
Here is the way to read a gas meter. Most gas meters have four dials. Each dial has a needle that rotates wit number indicating usage. The numbers range from 0 ...
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