How Do I Remove the Spare Tire from a Chrysler Town and Country?


The Chrysler Town and Country has placed their spare tire in a compartment between the driver and the passenger seats. You will first need to jack up the car and then you will use the T-handle tool that is in the trunk area of the vehicle. Put the T-handle into the hole in the floor and turn counter clockwise. When you do this it will release a cable and you will be able to remove the tire.
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Open the rar hatch and you will see a carpet flap,open your jack compartment to the left side and use the jack wrench to lower the tire by turning it counter clockwise. When lowered
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There are two bolts to remove, opposite sides. One is a normal bolt, the other one is hidden by wires. Remove the nut on the ground wire, remove the ground wire, use deep socket over
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