How Do I Remove White Spot from Marine Tank?


To remove white spot from a tank, remove all of the fishes from the affected aquarium to a separate, bare aquarium of appropriate size for a treatment and recovery regimen that will last from 30 to 45 days. Perform a freshwater dip on each fish before being placed in the treatment tank. The freshwater should be properly buffered and heated to the same temperature as the tank that your fishes have been residing in. Use of a non-toxic anti-bacterial agent, such as Methylene Blue and dip the fish for 3 minutes. The treatment aquarium should have water conditions (specific gravity, pH, etc) that approximate those in the aquarium from which they came. Administer an over-the-counter copper sulphate preparation (specifically formulated for aquarium use). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions concerning its use exactly as instructed by the manufacturer. Always use a test kit to monitor the concentration of copper in the water, in order to assure that you’re maintaining a proper therapeutic dosage. Some fishes however do not do well in copper suspension so consult your marine specialist for advice.
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