How Do I Report Illegal Immigrants UK?


You can report illegal UK immigrants to the UK Border Agency by completing an online form where you give more details on the issue. You can also report this by phone through Crimestoppers or the Customs Hotline.
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If you know of any illegal immigrant, you can report them to the UK border Agency by sending an email at UKBApublicenquiries@ukba.gsi.gov.uk. The information that you give will be confidential and the person reported will not know who sold them out.
To report illegal immigrants in the UK, fill out an anonymous form online at the UK Border Protection website. Provide as much information as you have about the immigrant.
One way to report an illegal immigrant is sending an email to the Border and Immigration Agency, providing them with as much information as you can about the suspected illegal immigrant. The BIA will then pass this information to the local immigration office, though they will not be able to advise you on the progress of the report.
An illegal immigrant is a person who is living in the U.K illegally. If you know a person who is in the U.K illegally you can report them at the U.K border agency using this email address: UKBApublicenquiries@ukba.gsi.gov.uk
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You can contact your local Immigration and Customs Enforcement division and report to report a illegal alien. Make sure that you have proof this person is here illegally because you
Dear sir/Madam. I would like to inform you that two guys name is prajot sing & surinder sing from india(panjab)He is illegal immigrant.He is working at building marechant compony
1. 1. The first step to report illegal immigration is to document all the information about the parties in question. You should write down names, addresses, descriptions and any other
1 Never make snap judgments based on appearance. In many countries, certain ethnic groups are stereotyped as being comprised mostly of illegal immigrants. While illegal immigrant
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