How do I Sell a Car?


If you want to sell a car, the only thing you need is your title. Buyers want the title to the car and a fair price. You can list your car in the classified ads, or place a sign on it, that it's for sale.
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The Best Way to Sell a Car
There are many ways to sell a car. Depending on the year, make, model and mileage, you can get a good deal from a range of sources. Assess the value of your car by using Kelley Blue Book. Make sure you have all maintenance records, manuals, repair... More »
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Telling some of your friends that you are selling your car would help you to get a buyer of your car. It can be your friend or other friends of your friends. You can also ask help to sell your car in some car sales in your town.
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You can sell a car though the internet, road side signs. There are many ways to sell your vehicle so that many people can see it and buy it from you. For more information, look here
1. Get the car insured. In the state of Florida, it is the seller's responsibility to have insurance on the car before the title transfer can take place. Ask for proof of insurance
1. Fill in the section called "Transfer of Title by Seller" on your car title. Odometer reading, the date and the sale price of the car are the the important information
1. Check the title for liens. A salvaged car is one that has been officially put out of commission by an insurer or law enforcement agency. Contact your state's department of motor
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