How Do I Set My Computer Back to Factory Settings?


To restore your computer back to factory settings, back up all your data and then use your restore CD that came with your PC, leave the computer until it works to return back to default settings and then reboot your computer to complete the process. If you do not have restore CD, you can enter the BIOS or CMOS setup by pressing the function key F1 and select 'Restore Factory Defaults
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1. Back up the files on the computer using the Back Up and Restore Center. Access the Back Up and Restore Center by clicking "Start, then "Control Panel" and "
It will require a FULL system reboot, then you will need to install what ever edition of windows you were running and then any other things will need to be restored. just make sure
Depending on computer BIOS setup. Bootup computer, press and hold escape,or Delete botton, somethings one of the F [FUNCTION] keys,while u are booting. you will find yourself in a
Reformat the hard drive and re-install the original operating
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Restoring your computer to factory settings you restart the computer, Press backspace during the initial BIOS post, if backspace key does not open the BIOS setup ...
You can use the Samsung N130 XP Windows restore disk which is an automated N130 XP restore disk. The N130 drivers are supplied in a special windows friendly format ...
There are times when sound does not come from a computer even after you instruct it to, when that happens you should:- Check the Speaker mark on your right side ...
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