How Do I Unstick 2 Bowls Stuck Together?


An easy way to unstick 2 bowls that are stuck together is to fill a deep pan 3/4 full with water, or to the top of the bottom bowl. Put ice in the top bowl that is stuck, and place the whole thing on the stove. Turn on the stove to a low heat and as the water heats up the bowls will expand and you may be able to pry them apart. Be careful not to apply force to the bowls, as they could break.
1 Additional Answer
Anyone who has ever needed the smallest mixing bowl, within a stack of others has asked how do I unstick 2 bowls stuck together. First, you should apply pressure to a bowl (either the top or bottom one), as this will often unstick the first one. If that doesn't work to remove the suction, then you can place the bowls in a sink of cold water. This will usually separate them on their own.
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