How Do Ostriches Mate?


There are at least one, but possibly two, species of ostrich. There is the common ostrich, and also the Somali ostrich. Some scientists would say that the Somali ostrich is a completely separate species, while other say that they are simply a sub-species. The ostrich is in the same family as kiwis, emus, rheas, and cassowaries. All of these are large, mostly flightless, birds. Ostriches mate when they are sexually mature, around two to four years of age. They do a mating dance, then the female will fall to the ground to allow the male to mount her.
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When a male ostrich is ready to mate he will swell up his neck and make a noise that only a female ready to mate as well will respond to. He will then get down on his knees open his
Ostriches mate 3 times a year. Each male mates with 2-6 females, who all lay their eggs in the same nest.
"How YOU doin' in an ostrich accent.
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