How Do Snail Shells Grow?


Snails grow their own shells with the help of a muscle known as the mantle. The mantle secretes a fluid which hardens and forms the shell. It again secretes the liquid later in the snail's life which makes the shell become bigger and bigger.
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Snails grow shells from their mantles which release a liquid made up of shell material. This liquid gradually hardens and forms the shell. As the snail continues to release this liquid, the shell continues to harden and increase in size, taking up different shapes as it grows.
Snails do actually grow new shells when broken or crashed. The restoration corresponds to the two diverse shell making regions in the mantle. The young marginal part of the mantle is able to make all the outer layers with its colors and architecture. The older parts of the mantle far from the mantle margin can only add innermost layers to the shell or function after breaks to supply a sort of cement to mend the break but not to actually restore it to look like new.
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The part of the snail that poops is not inside the shell when it's ready to poop. Just
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Yes. Snails grow their shell out of a chitinous material similar to fingernails. They are born with them & can grow in 2 stages at a peak rate of .5cm/day.
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