How to Feed Hickory Nuts to Squirrels.?


1. Use a nutcracker to open the hickory nuts. 2. Place the nuts in a container. 3. Place the hickory nuts in traps to catch squirrels. 4. Hold out your hand with hickory nuts in them to friendly squirrels. To resist being bitten or nibbled upon,
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Hello are you still there? http://www.thesquirrelboard.com/malocc1.… Get bit by one and you'll soon learn to run the other way. The squirrel's teeth are also highly specialized
mans nuts answer by ZOey- i believe they enjoy Cashues and Waffnuts and Frugle berry nuts.
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You can feed hickory nuts to squirrels by cracking the nuts open and put them in a container. Trick the squirrels and later give them nuts the squirrels using ...
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