How to Grow a Starfish Cactus.?


1. Grow the starfish cactus in a pot so you can bring it indoors during cool weather. 2. Pot the starfish cactus in a mixture of equal parts of potting soil and sand, or use a commercial succulent potting mix. 3. Keep the potted starfish cactus in an
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Sea stars are characterized by radial symmetry, several arms radiating from a central body. Mouth and anus are close together on the underside, the anus is at the center of the disc together with the water intake... More »
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Starfish.Grow through a process called pylatithus.
The crown-of-thorns starfish is an unusually large starfish and can grow to more
Starfish live in shallow water meaning they can die from getting over heated, water tieds going down or even getting hit by boats, people and animals. They have to be able to reproduse
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One of the many adaptations cushion starfish, as well as other starfish, have developed is their ability to grow back missing body parts. They have also gotten ...
When a starfish loses its arm, it begins to grow a new limb. This does not happen immediately, though, and it may take a few years. ...
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