How do Tampons Work?


Tampons are made up of super absorbent fiber that are tightly packed together. The fibers absorb the moisture and expand so that the inner fibers can be exposed and absorb more moisture.
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A tampon is a feminine hygeine product used by women during menstruation. Unlike a pad which lines the panties, the tampon is inserted into the vagina. A tampon has a string on the
1. Group tampons together, securing with a rubber band. Measure around the tampons with your tape measure, adding 1 inch to your measurement. 2. Measure the length of the tampons;
A tampon is an absorbent cotton cylinder that is placed in the vagina in order to collect blood that is being expelled during a woman's period. You can talk to your mom, a friend's
1 Be reassured that a tampon will never get stuck or lost inside you. Honestly, there's nowhere for it to go! You can always pull it out with the string, or reach in and grab it with
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When inserting a tampon the first thing you want to do is relax. If you are not relaxed it won't work. Most women find it easy to put one leg up on the toilet ...
Dry ice works well. In food styling, we use a tampon that has been soaked in water and microwaved until steaming. We hide it behind the food and the steam looks ...
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