How Do U Unlock the Cheerleading Outfit on Club Penguin?


To unlock a cheerleader's outfit on penguins, you need the code you found with your outfit and a penguin account. Go to Penguin's website and follow the “Unlock your items” link. The cheerleader outfit will automatically be added to your account. Please refer to this website for more information:
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A code is 654906.
yes u can! But U have to wait till special partys and stuff. Like At christmas. u can get the santa beard or the santa head. And sometime s they give out shirts and boots. The blue
You need to have a special code to unlock them : ) Source(s)
u cant get a master card in in card jitzu.
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If you are not a member and you are a secret agent and you perform enough missions you will be able to keep earned items even if you are not a paid member. ...
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