How Do We Know a Song Thrush Must Have Ears?


A song thrush is a bird whose outer ears are hidden under the feathers on the side of the head. We know that they have ears because they answer and communicate to other birds and also respond to noises around their environment by tilting their heads to one side.
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Just like all other birds, the Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) has ears, although they may seem inconspicuous. Naturally, the bird uses sound as a means to communicate; therefore, it must be able to hear as well. Unlike humans, who perceive sounds via relative pitch the bird recognizes and remembers something akin to absolute pitch.
All birds including the song thrush do have ears. The outer ear consists of a short external passage or meatus, which is normally hidden under the feathers at the side of the head. Most birds have a muscle in the skin around the meatus that can partially or completely close the opening.
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because they fly away when you shout and tilt their head if you whisper. :B+
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Song thrush birds do have ears. The birds have varied songs and musical phrases which are used a means of attracting mates. It is thus logical that for a mate ...
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