How do I calculate fuel consumption?


Fuel consumption is calculated by first adding up the distance travelled by car in relation to the fuel consumed. If you fill up your tank with 40 litres of petrol and use this to cover a distance of 600 kilometres, that means your average consumption per kilometre is 600 divided by 40, which is 15. As such, your car would be consuming 1 litre of petrol for every 15 kilometres travelled.
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How to Calculate Fuel Consumption
Knowing how much fuel a car or other machine is consuming can help you plan for future fuel needs as well as costs. Also, a machine that is using significantly more fuel than usual could have a problem. Calculating fuel consumption is also a key... More »
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To calculate your car's fuel consumption, fill its tank with fuel, adjust the odometer to zero and start driving. Your car's fuel consumption will be the number of miles driven over the volume of fuel consumed. In other words, this can be represented as: total miles driven / gallons of fuel used.
To calculate your car's fuel consumption, a person needs to know the distance covered by the car and the amount of fuel that the car consumed during that trip. To be able to do this, you will need to fill up fuel in the car and reset the odometer to zero. Then, take the distance that the car travelled and divide it by the litres that it consumed.
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