How Do You Calculate Resistance in a Parallel Circuit?


In parallel circuits, the total resistance is calculated by first adding the reciprocals of all the Resistance in the circuit. The reciprocal of the sum will give you the total resistance.
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How to Calculate Resistance in a Parallel Circuit
Many networks can be reduced to series-parallel combinations, reducing the complexity in calculating the circuit parameters such as resistance, voltage and current. When several resistors are connected between two points with only a single current path,... More »
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1. Get the current and the voltage. This may be a value that is given to you in a theoretical problem or something that you measure, using a voltmeter, ammeter or multimeter. The
Since I don't have the tools here to type math, I'll state it in plain english. The reciprocal of Total Resistance is equal to the sum of the reciprocals of the resistance of each
V=110V. I = 1.5A. V=IR or. R=V/I. 110/1.5 = 73.33. R = 73.33 ohms. we know that in parallel circuit. 1/R total = 1/R1+ 1/R2 + 1/R3 + 1/Rn. so that. 1/ 73.33 = 1/R + 1/R + 1/R (because
1. What it is. Series resistance is simply connecting the "out" side of one resistor to the "in" side of another in a circuit. Each additional resistor placed
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The resistance of a circuit component is the ratio of the voltage applied to the electrical current that flows through it. As such, the formula is given as resistance ...
The reason that the combined resistance is always less than the smallest resistance in a parallel circuit is because the voltage that is across each of the components ...
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