How to Download Songs Onto Your iPod Touch.?


1. Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPod Touch. Tap "Wi-Fi" and select a network name to connect your device to the Internet. Enter the network password if one is required and tap "Join. 2. Tap the "iTunes" icon on your iPod Touch home screen to open
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How to Download Songs Onto an iPod Touch
In order to download songs onto an iPod touch, the first step is to get a WiFi connection so that the iPod is connected to the Internet. Go to the iTunes interface to search for music to download with help from a digital technology specialist in this... More »
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You must have itunes downloaded onto your computer. Plug in your player and choose songs from your computer.
How do you download songs onto an iPod? The question has been asked by many iPod users who are new to this versatile portable media player. The answer is quite simple, as Apple has
1. Open iTunes. If you don't have iTunes, then. download it. It will only take a few minutes to download it onto your computer. You'll need iTunes to transfer songs onto your computer
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To download songs onto iPod, you will need to connect the iPod to the computer. Once you have iTunes open, you can add the songs directly to the iPod. You can ...
To download songs onto a iPod, you will be able to connect to the computer. With iTunes, you can add songs or some videos to your iPod. You can find more information ...
To download songs onto an iPod, you should download the latest version of iTunes. When you open iTunes, you will be able to add or buy music to have on your iPod ...
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