How Do You Greet a Bishop?


Bishops are verbally addressed as ?Bishop (last Name)?. In a conversation, he may be addressed as ?Bishop? without name while more formally he may be addressed as ?Your Excellency?. Some people however prefer to greet him by kissing their rings, which should be avoided in situations where the Bishop is embarrassed by this gesture.
Q&A Related to "How Do You Greet a Bishop?"
1. Take off your hat (men only) 2. Shake the bishop's hand if it's offered. 3. Refer to the bishop as "Bishop [Last Name] 4. Answer his questions respectfully. 5. Allow him to
The Apostolic Church is one the most common churches in the world. These churches have Orthodox Bishops. Orthodox Bishops are like Ministers, only they use the title Bishop. When
You wouldn't write to a Bishop 'in person. You would talk to them in person, unless the Bishop is deaf and then you might address them on paper as "Bishop" followed by their
Speak when spoken to or introduced, use the honourific title or address Him as Your Grace. If Your of the faith then it is expected of You to kiss His ring otherwise if a hand is
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