How Do You Know When Lice Eggs Are Dead or Alive?


Lice eggs are also know as nits that are a sure sign of lice infestation. Even when you kill the lice eggs, they still are around in the hair strands. One way to tell if the lice egg is dead is to look at the shape of the egg. A live egg will be plump with a small bump on the top. A dead egg has the same bump on top, but the rest of the egg will be crumpled in.
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How to Know When Lice Eggs Are Dead or Alive
Head lice are parasites that can infect humans of every socioeconomic class. Their diet consists of human blood, and they lay their eggs, or nits, close to the food source to allow their young to feed as soon as they hatch. The nits will be found... More »
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Head lice eggs, usually known as nits look like minute yellow, tan, or brown spots, particularly before they hatch. The head lice usually lay nits on hair shafts ...
It is possible to check if head lice nits are alive by their color. However, without the aid of a magnifying glass or microscope, it is very difficult to tell ...
One way to tel id a bird egg is dead is by shining a light underneath it. If you see a fetus inside, then it is most likely still alive. ...
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