How to Lower Ping in a LAN.?


1. Replace hubs on the network with switches. Switches provide dedicated point-to-point links to all devices on the network and are not considered a shared medium, like hubs. 2. Replace 10/100 switches with gigabit switches. Gigabit Ethernet
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How to Lower Your Ping
When playing online video games, it is important to maintain a low ping to avoid experiencing a delay between the time one of your opponents performs an action and the time your game reflects that action on your screen. A ping, which is a numerical... More »
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A low ping is usually a result of high latency of the internet connection you are using, and there is really no way to lower your ping by yourself. If you are experiencing low ping
The only way to lower ping time is to play over a better network and / or reduce the number of "hops" between the target and destination. You could remove hops by only playing
Use a server that has less "hops" (transfers\middlemen) between you and it. Such servers are usually closer geographically to where you are, but not always.
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You can lower your ping easily using smooth-ping elite, which is the ping lowering software. This software, takes all the guesswork, picks out the best server ...
Sounds like your computer needs a little pep in it's step. You can lower your ping by simply adding more RAM (Rapid Access Memory) to your computer. This will ...
If you want to lower your ping one way of doing this is to be hard wired to your ISP. Wireless router add 30-50ms and they're packet based. ...
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