How Do You Make a Church out of Cardboard?


You can make a church out of a cardboard by determining the size required before cutting the board into the structure's sides and roof. Assemble using a sturdy tape after marking and curving out the doors and windows and hinging on the shutters using more tape. Mould the round sections using wood putty before painting and mounting on a Styrofoam base.
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How to Make a Church out of Cardboard
Sometime during his or her school years your child will come home with an assignment to make a building. It might be a California mission or an old English mansion. Go directly to the closet and pull out shoe boxes. They are sturdy and inexpensive. Tape... More »
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To make a church out of cardboard yo will need # Picture of a church Cardboard boxes (shoe boxes, gift boxes and tissue boxes work well), ruler, razor knife, clear tape, drywall tape, a putty, tooth picks, spackle, natural art sponge, craft acrylic and spray paint, disposable foam paintbrushes and ½ inch thick Styrofoam base the size of the project. Follow the instructions on the given link;
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1. Plan your pew design. Basing it on real pews you've seen in a church or a picture is the easiest way. If you want a simple, backless bench you'll need a rectangle for the seat
Cut a box so that there's a hole in the front. Then fold a piece of cardboard at your desired lenght and hot glue it a the top. cut out a cross and stick it on the top of the roof.
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1. Take the lid off a cardboard shoebox. Cut out a door and four windows on the inside of the box using a craft knife. 2. Cut slits into the long sides of the shoebox lid with your
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