How Do You Put Music from Youtube on Your iPod?


Find the music you want, Save it using a youtube saving site such as keepvid.com; Convert the video into an mp3 using media-convert.com. Right click>open with>iTunes. On the song. Right click the song and click on Get Info from the click menu. Go to Google Images and get the album artwork and add it to the song's info. Sync your ipod and you've now got a song looking no different from other music.
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1. Connect your Apple iPod to your computer or laptop using the USB cord that came with the iPod. If this is the first time you've connected it to your PC, you may get a message asking
1. Find a YouTube video with high-quality audio. Though many videos will probably feature the song you want, some will do a better job of it than others; be sure to listen the whole
First if your ipod supports videos you then load them into itunes then connect your ipod and click sync...hope this helps email me for more help and include tech.
1. Have two tabs open. 2. On one, go to www. youtube.com. On the other, go to. http://www.youtube-mp3.org/. 3. On Youtube, search the video you want as a song on your iPod/iPhone.
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