How to Say Hi in Chinese?


Saying hello in Chinese, or Mandarin, is really easy, and also not hard to pronounce! Ni hao is the most common greeting, but if you'd like to be more polite, you can say Nin hao.
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1. Use "ni hao" as a basic hello greeting. This literally means "you fine, and is like saying "Hello, how are you? The word "ni" usually uses the third
How do you say hello in Chinese? Learning this simple greeting in Chinese is a good step to beginning to speak the language. Mandarin Chinese is the officially recognized language
1 The phrase for saying "I love you" in Chinese, in pinyin, is "wo ai ni" or 我爱你 in calligraphy. If you already speak Chinese, then it shouldn't
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To say 'Michael is Chinese' in Chinese, you would say Maike'er shi zhongguo ren. If you were to write this, you would need to write it in the Chinese symbols. ...
You can say Hello in chinese as Ni Hao (Pronunciation: Nee HaOW). ...
In order to say water in Chinese say the word shui. If you would like to ask for a drink of water you would say, wo you yixie shui. That is may I have some water ...
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