How to Say I Love You in Arabic?


In Arabic, the phrase "I love you" is "Ana behibak." It is the same whether you are saying it to a male or female. One site online features the phrase in 100 different languages, including Bambara. To find more information click here:
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You say kalb or قلب.
1. Take note of the gender of the person to whom you will be speaking. Greetings and etiquette differ greatly depending on whether you are speaking to a woman, a man, an adult or
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To say I love you in arabic, you say Ana B Hibbak. You can translate anything on the website listed below. Arabic is a fun language to learn, have fun. For more ...
Saying I love to a male in Arabic is Ana behibak whereas to a female is Ana behibek. Arabic is related to and classified alongside other Semitic languages such ...
Saying I love you is different when addressing a boy or girl in Arabic. When talking to a boy, the correct phrasing is 'Ana Behibak.' When speaking to a girl, ...
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