How Do You Say Love in Hebrew?


In Hebrew, love is pronounced 'ahava'.
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There are two ways to say 'I love you' in Hebrew. When a man is saying it to a woman, its ani ohev otach. If a woman is saying it to a man, its ani ohevet otcha.
male to male: ani mit'ahev becha (אני מתאהב בך) male to female: ani mit'ahev bach (אני מת
1 Understand that the adjective "happy" is Sameach (Sa|Meh|Ach). Some sentences that this word fits into are: Ani meod sameach meaning "I am very happy". Another
Love in Hebrew is "Ahava" pronounced "a-ha-VAH." Thanks for using ChaCha!
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To say I love you in Hebrew, to a man you say ani ohev otach, and to a female you say, ani ohev otcha. Hebrew can be a fun language to learn! For more information ...
Hebrew is the native language spoken by the Jews or people from Israel. Love in Hebrew language is 'ahavah'. To say 'I love you' in Hebrew language is 'Ani ohevet ...
It sound like a nee, mit ga a ga a et elekey a! It is written in letters that I would love to present to you. That is the way I hear it. ...
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