How do You Set the Clock on a Pioneer Car Stereo?


Setting the clock on a Pioneer car stereo can be a hassle once you loose your instruction manual and many people struggle with this. However, going to the Pioneer website actually allows you to gain most of the instructions in the lost instruction manuals, right on your computer. Typically most radios have a function button that goes to the click setting menu. Usually the tune or skip keys move the time forward and back on most radios. However, you do need to know the model of radio you have, otherwise figuring out the way to enter the menu may be impossible. You can find more information at www. pioneerelectronics. com/PUSA/Support/CarAudioVideo/In-Dash
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How Do You Set the Clock on a Pioneer Car Stereo?
Very few of us hold onto car stereo instructions, yet Daylight Savings requires us to change the clock on our stereos twice a year. Pioneer has been making car stereos since the early 1970s, so there are slightly different ways to set the clock depending... More »
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1. Turn off your Pioneer Premier car stereo by pressing, holding, and releasing the "Off" button, which is sometimes shared with the "Scr" button. 2. Press your
1) Switch the sources to 'Off' 2) Press the "Audio" button for 2 seconds. This is the button to the upper right of the 4 arrows. 3) Adjust the time using the left or right
1.Press "source" until the unit turns off 2.Press "audio"
For most older Pioneer single CD players, you can set the clock using the following steps:
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One of the easiest ways to find out how to set the clock on your Pioneer car stereo is to look at the manual. Sounds obvious huh? Well it's easier than you might ...
To set your clock on a pioneer car stereo it depends up on the version you have. Here are a couple of things you can try. Turn your stereo OFF. Press and hold ...
You can reset the clock by long pressing the Function button. This is after restarting the system. The clock will appear and you can then use the four directional ...
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