How to Treat a Battery Acid Burn.?


1. Assess the area where the acid came into contact with the skin. If the area is the hands, face or feet, immediately wipe the area with a wet cloth to remove the top layer of the acid. 2. Remove any clothing or jewelry that may have come in contact
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How to Treat a Battery Acid Burn
A battery acid burn, like all chemical burns, can cause a great deal of damage to the skin. When the acid accidentally comes in contact with the skin or the eyes, it is imperative to take actions immediately. Here are some quick first aid tips to help... More »
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1 Flush the burn area under a safety shower or suitable hose. Continue flushing the area for fifteen or more minutes. Ad 2 Remove all contaminated clothing immediately. This will
Immediately rinse throughly with water. If you get a burn treat it the same as any 1st degree burn. If the burn is more serious seek medical attention.
First, you should carry baking soda with you, this will quickly neutralize battery acid if this happens again and it's cheap. Now, you have a chemical burn. I would wash the area
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To treat a battery acid burn you need to remember it is a chemical burn. Chemical burns need to be rinsed with water as soon as possible. Keep flushing the burn ...
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