How Do You Untangle Necklace Chains?


Sometimes, you can untangle a necklace chain by gently pulling out the knots with a straight pin. If the tangles still won't come out, put a few drops of baby oil on the knot and use a straight pin to work the knots out.
3 Additional Answers
You can untangle necklace chains by using tweezers. This allows you to grasp on to the chain when you find your fingers are too big or your fingernails are not long enough.
Untangling necklace chains can require a tremendous amount of patience. You can use tweezers which will make it easier to grab and get the loops through where the knots are. Try putting a little cooking oil on it as well and see if it will help the knots to slip apart.
Untangling a necklace chain takes time and most of all patience. You just need to focus on one chain at a time. Fallow that chain and work all the tangles and knots out of that one. once that one if free work on the next chain. Make sure you have good lighting so you don't strain your eyes!
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