How do Centipedes Reproduce?


The male centipede will lay a sperm packet on the ground and then tap the females back legs with his antennas to get her to the sack. This may take hours before the female responds, but the female will eventually back up and take the sack into her
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Centipedes are dorsoventrally flattened, and their bodies are divided into well-marked segments, each of which is flattened. Each body segment has a pair of legs, which means that there is always an odd number of leg pairs ranging... More »
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Centipedes reproduce sexually and stay with the eggs until they hatch. For unlimited
They reproduce sexually and they stay with the eggs until they are born. The female digs a hole and lays her eggs in it.
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The male centipede builds a silk pad that he leaves his sperm in for the female. The female will find the nest and lay up to 80 eggs in the nest. Other centipedes ...
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