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A Sky Magic Eye is a device that connects from your Sky box to another TV. There is no information on its mechanism. However, to get it to work first press the buttons 'Services > 4 0 1 > Select' and an Installer Setup menu will appear with 6 options. Select RF Outlet Power Supply and then set it to 'ON'. With this you will have installed your Sky Magic Eye.
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The Sky ‘Magic Eye’ is a smart device that allows you to watch satellite television from another room in your house. It sends a TV signal from the satellite receiver to your second television through a co-axial cable. The satellite receiver also sends a small 9 volt current through the co-axial cable to power the ‘Magic Eye’. When channels are changed in a second location the magic eye picks up the remote control instructions. These are then sent back through the co-axial cable to the satellite receiver.
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There are many companies and websites that offer Sky Magic eyes for sale. Some of these companies that offer the eyes are eBay, Sky Remotes and Currys.
It's a little box that connects from your Sky box to a second TV. You can change channel through it, but you have to watch whatever is on the Sky box. You can't watch different channels
1. Hold the Magic Eye image or book directly up against your nose. 2. Stare as if you are looking through the image, at something far off in the distance. Do not focus on the image.
The first thing to do is access the 'hidden' installation menu. This is done by pressing the following buttons: Services > 4 0 1 > Select. (Services 0 0 1 > Select for the
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To set up your sky magic eye to work, you need to access the hidden installation menu by pressing the following buttons: services>401>select. You will then ...
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