How does sunlight affect plant growth?


Sunlight has different effects on certain plants. Some plants require more sunlight than others and some plants require a little bit of sunlight to none at all.
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All plants need at least a minimum about of light to survive since it drives photosynthesis, but overexposure to direct light can cause leaves to burn, wither and die.
Photosynthesis is the process in which plants convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar for energy and oxygen.
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Light from any source is a form of energy, and many or most of the living things we call plants rely on light to provide the energy they need to do the necessary work of life. This
Sun light affect plants. A plant uses energy from the sun along with carbon dioxide and water to create oxygen carbohydrate and water. This process is called photosynthesis and it
Hi Karla, Virtually all plants require at least 8-10 hours per day of good light. Some plants are adapted to low or indirect light while others require direct sun throughout the day
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Plants utilize sunlight in making food for themselves, so if there is a lot of sunlight then plants will grow quickly and if there is little to no sun they will ...
Plants get the food they need to grow from sunlight. This process is called photosynthesis. Without light, a plant will not be able to produce the energy that ...
Several things affect plant growth. Adequate sunlight is a major contributor for plant growth. Plants make their own food by converting the sun's energy into fuel ...
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