How Does Wifi Work?


A wireless network uses radio waves, such as mobile phones, televisions and radios. In fact, communication across a wireless network is a bit like two-way radio communications. 1. A computer on the wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and transmits through an antenna.2. A wireless router receives the signal and decodes. The router sends information to the Internet using a physical, wired Ethernet connection.This process also works in reverse, with the router receiving information from the Internet, translating it into a radio signal and send it to your wireless adapter. Radios used for WiFi communication are very similar to those used for walkie-talkie radios, cell phones and other devices.
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How Does WiFi Work?
WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity. A WiFi connection makes use of radio signals, much like the ones used by cell phones and other similar devices. A computer's wireless adapter card translates the data into radio signals, which the antenna transmits.... More »
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WI-FI is a high speed internet and network connection. WI-FI uses radio waves the same as the cell phone. Its radio frequency is much higher than that of cell phone and the height allows more data to be transferred.
Wifi is a wireless connection that is used to transmit waves inform of radio waves.A computer then decodes this signal and transmits it into internet.
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Wi-Fi is a standard for wireless network connections, specifically wireless local area networks. If your personal device has a wireless receiver, you can find connections in most
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If you have wifi capabilities you can activate them on your computer. Then if you have a wireless router it will pick up a signal then you can log onto the internet ...
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Mobile Wi-Fi calling utilizes the same technology as VoIP calling technology, but it's accessible via a wireless Internet connection instead of a wired Internet ...
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