How Far Is It from Dublin to Cork?


The distance between Cork and Dublin is 250 kilometres which is 133 miles apart. To know more about the distance between the U.K and Irish destinations visit: the website.
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The distance between Dublin and Cork is approximately 220 kilometres. Both Dublin and Cork are located in Ireland and it would take you about three hours to get to either town from the other by road.
Dublin is the capital city of Ireland while crock is the second largest city in Ireland. The distance from Dublin to Crock is 219.94Kms or 136.67 miles.
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About 250Km/156miles. Avg 3 -4 hours in a car.
The distance between Cork, Ireland and Dublin Ireland is 163 miles....
It is approximately 160 miles (256 kilometres) from Cork to Dublin. The mileage chart and calculator for the major towns and cities at the site below will help you calculate distances
Oh wow. So first things first: We may not have it as bad as some of the English rail companies have made things over there and Iarnrod Eireann* [1] (Irish Rail) is a progressive company
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driving time from the edge of Dublin - M50 motorway - to the end of the M8 motorway to Cork is about 2 hours. This could be slightly more depending on weather ...
The distance from Cork, Ireland to Dublin, Ireland is 136 miles or 218.9 kilometers. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and covers a total of 44.4 square miles. ...
The distance from Dublin, Ireland to Galway, Ireland is 116.4 miles. Other cities near Galway are Limerick (46 miles south-southeast) and Cork (99 miles south-southeast ...
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