How Fast Does a Jumbo Jet Fly?


A jumbo jet, commonly referred to as 747-400 jet typically takes off at a speed of between 290 km/h (180mph) and cruises at a speed of 910 km/h (565 mph). The jumbo jet can carry more than 240,370 L of fuel making it possible to fly long routes, such as Melbourne to Los Angeles.
Q&A Related to "How Fast Does a Jumbo Jet Fly"
Depending mainly on payload (how heavy the plane is) the jumbo jet takes off at speeds in the range of 180 to 220 mph (250 to 320 km/h) climbs at about 285 mph under 10,000 feet and
Airplanes can fly at any speed from 100 miles an hour to about 1500 miles an hour
The speed at which a baseball 'flies' off of a bat is referred to as "Exit Speed" For a complete breakdown of the science behind exit speeds: Bat Speed, Batted Ball Speed
The Boeing 747 with it's 4 jet engines, flies approx. 550mph cruising speed! That's fast!
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