How High can Deer Jump?


Deer are very athletic. Most of time we see them just sort of hopping off like a rabbit but if a deer is running for its life it can jump a 10 foot wall easy and up to 12 feet if it really had to.
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Deerhave been documented to jump over cars, and jeeps. Many deer have been seen to jump over 12 foot fences when being chased by prey
Deer can jump a 7-foot fence from a standing position.An 8-foot fence can be jumped if the
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A Deer can Jump twelve feet high. Deer jump, instead of going from place to place, because they may perhaps be raced by wild coyotes or some other kind of predator ...
The whitetail deer can jump over things that are up to fifteen feet high. The deer is naturally reluctant to jump that high so they are usually measured jumping ...
White tailed deer are truly amazing jumpers. They can jump 12 feet high and have been known to even jump up to 15 feet high. They may more often try to run through ...
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