How High Is the Sky?


The sky is 375miles or 600 kilometers above the earth as seen through the Hubble telescope which is flown like a spacecraft.
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The sky does not have a set height. The atmosphere does not stop at a line, but rather tapers off slowly to outer-space. In the USA is you fly above 50 miles you are called an astronaut. You can find more information here:
When you look up into the sky, you really can't fathom how far it is. If you are looking to find out the height of the atmosphere, you are looking at about 50 miles up.
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( skī'hī' ) adv. To a very high level: The garbage was piled sky-high. In a lavish or enthusiastic manner: The critics praised the play sky-high. In pieces or to pieces;
The atmosphere is about 400,000 ft (76 miles) high. It is at this altitude that
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