How Is a Bill of Quantities Traditionally Prepared?


A bill of quantities seeks to make it easier for a contractor to set price for a project, using the drawings and specification of dimensions followed by calculations of volumes and areas. Collecting similar items on another sheet is known as abstracting and from this a bill is written.
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A bill of quantities document is prepared by quantity surveyors and or Building Estimators through a taking off process where the cost of a building is approximated from measurements in the Structural Engineer's drawings. Traditionally, this was followed by abstracting to obtain similar items together on another sheet called the Abstract Sheet. The document is used in the construction industry.
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easy to understand any one.
A Bill of Quantities is simply a break down of all the materials you will need to complete the process. Now the easy was is to go to the architect and have him bunch the magic button
Mohammad - I would have to answer your questions with a few additional questions of my own. The materials you say are on the site and 'being stored as Employer's property' are these
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To prepare a bill of quantities you are going to want to sit down with the detailed list of all of the materials that you bought and used for that particular job ...
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