How Is an Echo Produced?


An echo is produced when a sound wave hits an object and bounces back. For the human ear to discern a sound wave, the object needs to be far enough away for the echo to be heard separately from the original sound. Mountains and large rooms work well for producing echoes.
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An echo is produced when sound waves bounce off of another surface. We usually do not hear echos in a furnished room because the sound waves are diffused by the furniture and carpet
Echoes are produced when a sound hits back on an object. It is very common in hilly areas. Many bats use this technique to chase and catch their prey.
1. Open your PHP document in your coding program or plain text editor. 2. Navigate to the location where you want to insert the "echo" tag. 3. Type the following code: echo
When you speak to someone using. VoIP. it is possible that you are any other person talking produces echo, which is actually the phenomenon whereby the person talking hears himself/
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